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I can tell you a lot about my experience, but I'll start with a personal story.

My older sister is a primary school teacher who loves her profession. She owns, manages and teaches in a preschool.  It may seem that her days are all the same, but she never gets bored and always wakes up with a smile of anticipation. She loves children so much that her happiness comes from working with them daily.  She was destined to become a teacher.

My other sister was born with a special talent and need for movement. She owns a dance studio which she manages, and she also teaches there.  In addition, she is a performer. For her dancing is like breathing. She didn’t choose the dance; she was chosen by the dance.


As for me, I wasn’t born with a specific destiny. My bachelor's degree is in accounting. My career path started with numbers but, along the way, shifted to people.

Today I am a career and organizational consultant, with more than twenty years of varied experience in the Human Resources field.  My areas of expertise include assessment, recruitment, guidance, workshop leadership and management development.

As a human resource manager, I was responsible for the complete recruitment process, dealing with thousands of candidates in the Israeli job market.

My family and I have relocated to different countries three times: to and from Spain and Israel, and recently

to the USA. Now I live in New Jersey and offer Occupational Counseling services.


For individuals: consulting for people who may not know which career to pursue, don’t know how reach their chosen career goal, or want to change their career path.

I also assist the spouses in relocated families to achieve satisfaction and occupational fulfilment when moving to a new country or moving back to Israel.


For organizations: consulting, coaching, aiding in management development, detecting talent, helping to choose and recruit the right candidate, improving employee retention, developing career paths within the organization and performing outplacement services.

While studying Organizational Consulting, I specialized in utilizing an individual / organizational "Role Analysis" process.  This is a very important tool I use in my work.








My path has not been an easy one, but I bless it! Although it was not a straight line, it brought rich experience, wide knowledge and a special product.

My customers who have been working with me throughout the years can testify to that.

My vision:

to have as many happy employees as possible.

The unique feature of my method is that I combine the aspects of spiritual and practical counseling and advising.

Ela Bar-Zvi

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