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Personal Counseling

Individual consulting: each client has his own needs, and so together we will choose where to focus during the process

Role Analysis

This in-depth analysis helps us to find our professional identity. The method is based on the belief that each person has his own starting point in childhood.  

If a person doesn’t know his past, his future will be uncertain.

Every journey has a starting point.  As in archery, if we want the arrow to fly farther, we need to pull the bow back as far as we can.

First, we need to go through a process of introspection in order to have the motivation and energy to move forward.

Breakthrough Coaching

Sometimes the goal is clear but not the way to get there.

Some people can't find the courage to go in a new direction.

Sometimes to have success a person must let go of barriers and fears.

In this process, we will first recognize the client's strengths and abilities, then remove the obstructions that delay professional breakthrough.

Occupational Direction

What if I don’t know what I am good at?

I don’t know my talents and skills.

Every person was born with certain strengths, which we need to discover.

Through a process of assessing personality, skills and occupational interests, we will discover the best professional match for you.


Finding your work/life balance.

Creating harmony between your career and other areas of your life.

Although the job market requires many working hours, these days more and more people are interested in having a career that will also allow for quality time with the family and some free time.

Does a longer work day yield maximum income?

How can we combine everything to have a harmonious style of living?

The Practical

Helping with the recruitment process from preparing an effective resume to improving interview skills.

Providing guidance on how to achieve a successful job search.

Understanding how the job market works, how to distribute your resume, impress the interviewers, and stand out in the crowd.


Moving To A New Country:  

Sometimes one of the spouses must leave behind his profession, job or status.

There are questions that may arise, such as: Was I always happy with my profession? What is waiting for me in the new market? How did I make decisions in my life? How can I feel meaningful?

Relocation is a "once in a lifetime opportunity " that enables us to examine our professional choices.

Moving Back:

Returning to your home country is very challenging, Actually, it is just like another relocation.

New questions may bother us, for example: How am I going to integrate into the job market after such a long break? Am I still relevant?

Here you will receive the precise assistance necessary for you to enjoy successful reintegration into the Israeli workforce.

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